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All website designs are a balance of aesthetics and information with a focus on user experience, this ensures each visitor to your website will find what they need easily and guide them to securing your services or completing the sale. I know how how busy it gets when you run a business, so I understand the importance of a website that does its fair share of the work for you.

*All packages require monthly/annual subscription to Squarespace.

Website projects are a real partnership - I make your website look amazing, so you can concentrate on crafting your art.

I build your ideal website so that you can relax whilst your website does the hard sell for you.

Is Squarespace a good fit for you?

You don’t have the time to learn how to build a website from scratch?

You want a website that you can edit and build on in the future? 

You want a website with built in security updates and analytics? 

You want a website with a user panel that is easy to navigate and use? 

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Contemporary websites for small businesses and creatives.


Websites designed to impress your customers and inspire sales.


I design visually appealing websites that engage

your perfect customer and let your products and services sell themselves.


I build your ideal website so that you can relax whilst

your website does the hard sell for you.


For the dressmakers, the bakers, the jewellers, the artists, the green-fingered, the potters, the glass-blowers, the painters, the calligraphers, the musicians, the sculptors, the photographers, the interior designers, the weavers - for everyone who turned their dream into a business…

As a creative, I understand how important it is that your website is an extension of your art and the brand that you have built, so from start to finish you can feel confident that your site will show you and your business at its best.

Whatever your medium, clay, fabric, silver, flowers or flour, there is something for you here at White Blossom Creative Co. I concentrate on working on your business behind the scenes so you can let your hands do what they do best - crafting your art.