What’s so great about Squarespace?


I’ve been using Squarespace for five years now, I use it for both of my businesses and I love it! There are many reasons why I like it so much and why I recommend it to other people too, I know there are many different platforms out there which can be overwhelming when it comes to deciding the one for you - so I hope this helps a little…

Why Squarespace?


When it comes to working in the back-end whether it is designing web pages, tracking analytics or any of the multitude of functions it is clearly laid out and easy to use. There is a learning curve as there is with any new programme, but it is so well set out that I truly believe the most tech-phobic users would manage just fine.


If there’s one thing that Squarespace has excelled at it is making it simple for users to create clean, contemporary websites. Once you have a visitor to your website the battle is on to keep them looking through and make it easy for them to use, SQSP sites make this really simple as you already have a visually appealing website!


In other website platforms I’ve used you design a page by adding blocks but then you have to click from page to page to see how it actually looks live, whereas in Squarespace you add blocks to a web page then move them around via drag and drop and you see your page come to life without having to click through multiple pages to see it live, and with the added bonus of being able to see the mobile layout easily without having to switch programme or browser.

4.Built-in Security

I use Squarespace sites for my businesses now but I have had WordPress websites in the past (and still have an unpublished site to keep my hand in), and I’ll tell you one thing - I do not miss waking up to emails warning me that my website has a security breach, or that a plugin needs updating, updating said plugin and nervously checking each page on my website to check it hasn’t drastically changed, and eternally worrying if the whole site is going down because of flippin’ plugins.

With Squarespace I never have to worry about a plugin conflicting with another one, or looking for new plugins when they are no longer supported/updated, or worse still finding out that a plugin has corrupted my website. Yes, my one favourite thing about SQSP - no need for security plugins! You may read of SQSP plugins but these are actually CSS or Javascript snippets of code designed to enhance functional or style features, they are never needed for security or SEO as it is already in-built. Thank you Squarespace!


Let’s face it, there is an app for everything and I don’t know about you but I have apps for my apps! One of my favourite parts of Squarespace is being able to integrate apps with my website, to date I’ve used appointment schedulers, newsletter marketing and customer management apps - and to be honest that isn’t even scratching the surface of its capabilities. One part of preparing your website is going through all the other apps that you use to see if we can integrate them.

6.all-in-one platform

Hosting, security and website builder all in one. Yes that’s right all in one, no need for another hosting account, or another bill to worry about, and very importantly no need to worry about finding security plugins. There are also a few other perks such as free domain name for a year and free professional Gmail address for a year. It really depends on how much you want to tie in to one place, personally I like to keep domain names separate - but if you want zero fuss and maximum ease Squarespace has got you covered!

If you’re considering a move to Squarespace but you’re not sure where to start that’s what I’m here for. As an experienced SQSP user I would be very happy to help you see if the platform would suit you and then move towards building your brand new website. You can get in touch here…


About the author…

Sophie is the website designer behind White Blossom Creative Co. Craft enthusiast, lover of colour, avid learner and html/CSS addict. You’ll often find her tweaking code, drinking tea and trying to find a creative solution to a dull problem.

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