6 Signs your website needs TLC


I get it - you’re running a business, and a busy life, the to-do list just doesn’t end! You know that your website could probably do with a spruce, but more urgent jobs get put on the list and a website overhaul gets pushed further down…

Before you get stuck in, this post isn’t meant to shame anyone about their website, it’s genuinely intended to be a tongue-in-cheek reminder that sometimes we forget what our website looks like because we’re not seeing it for the first time like our customers. So after reading this put your ‘new-customer’ head on and have a look over your website for the first time (again!).

Six signs your website needs a little love

1.slower than a snail parade on a sunday

We’ve all been there searching online, clicking on a site and you’ve developed grey hairs before the site has even thought about loading. We are an ever more impatient society and though it’s definitely a first world problem, slow loading websites are truly painful.

The loading delay could be due to the hosting, too many adverts, messy or too much code, or it could be the hundreds of high-resolution, print-quality images on there - either way it needs to be addressed.

2.rainbow branding

I’m definitely a rainbow lover, but I’m talking about the mishmash of colours and fonts that look like something out of Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat after a week long migraine. A lack of website branding can make a site appear incohesive which can leave site visitors unclear on not only your brand but where your business sits in the market and amongst your competitors.

3.the SHAME

When people you meet ask if you have a website and you hesitate and say '“yes I do, but my social media is more up to date”, or even worse you deny your websites very existence and direct them straight to your social media - that’s when you know you’ve got a problem website.

Keeping on top of updating content when you’re running a business can be a struggle, but all that money spent on hosting and websites is a waste if you only ever reserve your best/recent work on social media for free!

4.more issues than vogue

Long meandering blocks of text, images that don’t quite align, slideshow galleries that blow up images to immense proportions, multiple wonky lines of navigation, pixelated images… the list goes on. You may be used to the little quirks on your website, but your customers will probably notice them - will it stop a sale? Hopefully not, but it may make them think twice.

5.more s.e-uh-oh, than s.e.o

You spent hours perfecting and working on your website, pressed publish and waited for the throngs of visitors, and waited, and waited, and waited… There is no short-cut to good SEO, and it takes a lot more than a popular SEO plug-in that rhymes with toast.

SEO needs to be maintained and worked on, it’s not a one time fix and it relies on many variables. Tackling your websites technical SEO is essential but often overlooked, secondly, ensuring you have good written content with relevant information for your customer and pertinent keywords are crucial.

6.less responsive than a toddler in a ball-pit

I’ve been there - you created a gorgeous website on desktop that you’re super proud of, when you look on your phone/tablet it looks worse than a dropped Wedding cake. There are many website platforms claiming mobile responsiveness is standard, but in reality very few actually do a nice job of it.

As a society obsessed with our mobiles, it’s no surprise that more than 50% of online scrolling is done via phone so it’s more important than ever to ensure that websites look fantastic on mobile. Depending on which platform you use or your technical abilities this may be easier said than done, but it definitely shouldn’t be ignored.

Time to review…

Did any of that sound familiar to you, did it make you cringe, perhaps even a wry smile? You can take away as much or as little as you want to, use it as a checklist of what not to do, and work on just one problem area at a time when you have the time.

It can take fresh eyes to see what needs improving on your website, never be ashamed of a DIY website - learning new skills makes a great business owner, as does knowing when it needs refining.

Your website should reflect your business, so let it showcase just how fantastic your business is!

Need some help?

If you don’t have the time to re-design your website, or it’s not something you want to do that is what web designers like me are here for!

Feel free to reach out to me if think your website could be improved or re-designed, then you can get back to that ever-growing list of other business priorities knowing that the job is in hand. Check out the packages below…


About the author…

Sophie is the website designer behind White Blossom Creative Co. Craft enthusiast, lover of colour, avid learner and html/CSS addict. You’ll often find her tweaking code, drinking tea and trying to find a creative solution to a dull problem.

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